March 1st Update: Delayed CBC Review, Fundraising for the Long Haul, and an Article by Sondai


Hey all,

Just writing to fill everyone in on whats going on with Randall’s case.

Summary: Essentially, everything is in limbo. Randall has chosen to delay his parole hearing in order to get his case by case review first. The case by case review is being stalled for various reasons; in the meantime we are seeking folks to be monthly sustainers of the Randall Sondai Ellis Justice Committee.

Case by Case Review: Justice delayed, and delayed, and…

The Case By Case (CBC) review is a thing that the California Department of Corrections (CDCR) is doing now every other month in California prisons. They are reviewing prisoners cases to determine if they need to be in solitary. Prisoners get reviewed based on how long they have been inside, with the prisoners who have been in longest getting their CBC’s first. Given this, it seems like Randall should be getting his CBC soon, since he’s been in solitary for 31 years at this point.

But the CDCR has some serious loopholes set into place to prevent this. They consider anyone who has the left solitary for any reason–transfer to solitary in another prison, leaving for medical treatment–to be a break in someones continuous stay in solitary confinement. Since many prisoners have been transferred between different facilities during their imprisonment, the seniority rankings are more difficult to determine. And this has left Randall still in solitary, with no idea when his CBC review should be coming up!

In a letter dated March 1st, 2015, Randall writes:

They did CBC reviews again in February. Released a lot of people. Still no word on when I’ll have mine. If I’m not seen by April, I’m going to file my complaint. “

We’ll keep you posted on what happens with that come April.

Fundraising for the Long Haul

Given the nature of these delays, the Randall Sondai Ellis Justice Committee has decided focus on long term fundraising. Rather than waiting until something comes up and we need to rapidly raise several thousand dollars, we are currently looking for monthly sustainers to support our work. Money raised will go towards saving for future legal fees, buying food and clothes for Randall, and providing postage, stationary, and art supplies for Randall.

If your interested in being a monthly sustainer, or if you think the house you live in would be interested, please look at our fundraising page! 

Article by Sondai: “CDCR’s new con game to undermine our class action suit”

In November of 2014 Randall wrote this excellent article about whats going on in Solitary Confinement in California. It was published in the San Francisco Bay View, a newspaper out of San Francisco. Hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

With Gratitude,

the Randall Sondai Ellis Justice Committee.

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