A Letter From Sondai

Dear Friends and Supporters!

Please accept my deepest appreciation and humble gratitude for your selfless generosity.

Your actions are bringing justice where there is none. My name is Randall, My friends call me Sondai, which means to push forward and endure.

As a 16 yr. old kid I had the unfortunate experience of making a mistake that has cost me the last 33 yrs. of my life. I am not a murderer, and I did not murder anyone, nor did I ever believe that such an act could take place.

I have spent the last 32 yrs. in a security housing unit, (SHU). As a result of my alleged association with so-called ‘gang members’ the state has used this housing as justification for repeated parole denials, the last one being in 2009.

As a result of a UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT decision recognizing the scientific differences between Juvenile (kids) and adults, the state has finally adopted SB-260, Youth Offender parole hearings, which in spirit entitles the youth offender to a meaningful opportunity for parole in their lifetime.

And mandates that a parole board give “Great Weight” to the youths age and all the hallmarks of youth, Unfortunately in order for the spirit of this new law to be realized and properly adhered to I need to be represented by competent counsel at this hearing, and beyond if need be.

I invite you all to get to know me, and learn about my circumstances and decide for yourselves if the state of California is justified in locking me away in some dark hole for the rest of my life! and then claim to be doing it in your name.

I am humbled by your support, and by your willingness to ensure that I have the proper legal counsel that is necessary for a just and fair resolution to this issue to occur.



Randall “Sondai” Ellis