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Interview with Randall Sondai Ellis, October 2016

Hey folks, I recently interviewed Sondai and wanted to share it with the world. Looking forward to sharing more of this kind of stuff in the future. Interview with Sondai, 10/9/2016 What is day to day life like at Centinela? … Continue reading

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Randall Sondai Ellis is outta solitary!

Hey friends, My pen pal, Randall Sondai Ellis, is at this moment out of solitary confinement, after spending 32 years at Pelican Bay. He has been transferred to a prison in southern California, and hopefully soon will be doing the … Continue reading

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March 1st Update: Delayed CBC Review, Fundraising for the Long Haul, and an Article by Sondai

3.14.15 Hey all, Just writing to fill everyone in on whats going on with Randall’s case. Summary: Essentially, everything is in limbo. Randall has chosen to delay his parole hearing in order to get his case by case review first. The … Continue reading

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Donate to Sondai’s legal fees!

Thank you for agreeing to donate to Sondai’s legal fees! Your donation is a critical part helping Sondai get free. Lets talk about radical wealth distribution! with deepest gratitude, -jordan

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