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The Randall Sondai Ellis Justice Committee seeks 15 monthly sustainers!

That’s right. We are interested in finding 15 monthly sustainers of our work. Our goal is to raise $150 a month for the following purposes:

1. Helping Randall buy food and clothes from the commissary

2. Paying for postage and stationary

3. Helping pay for the costs of visiting Randall (gas, lodging, food)

4. Creating a reserve should further legal funds be needed.

Our goal is to get 15 people to donate $10 a month, BUT EVERYTHING COUNTS! If you can only donate one time, that’s great. If you can donate monthly, that’s great as well!

How it works: Click on the donate button, enter the amount you want to donate monthly, and then click on the “make this recurring (monthly)” button. Then put in your info and follow the instructions. We will contact you 1 year after you set up your monthly donation and check in to see if you still want to be a monthly sustainer of our work.

Thanks for your commitment to justice!

-The Randall Sondai Ellis Justice Committee.